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What is the Q-Clear Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus?

Q-Clear Laser

What is the Q-Clear Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is a very common and unsightly condition that affects millions of adults each year. It causes an infection beneath the nail that can be very difficult to treat. In time, fungus causes the nail to turn yellow, brown or gray and become brittle. Thickening, splitting and cracking may also occur. Left untreated, nail fungus can be painful and even lead to more serious infections. With revolutionary new treatment methods such as the Q-Clear laser, however, it is possible to cure fungal infections of the nails in a little as one session.

So what is the Q-Clear Laser treatment for nail fungus? The Q-Clear system is the first q-switched laser that has been approved by the FDA specifically for use in clearing fungal infections. It is revolutionary in terms of simplicity, size, price and, of course, effectiveness. In fact, it provides results that are on far better than which can be achieved using machinery that is considerably more expensive and less versatile. [Read more…]

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