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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Our Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate massage experience. Allow our smooth, heated lava stones and aromatic oils to magically melt away your stress and muscle tension as various sized heated stones are placed on key pressure points on your body. The heated stones are also gently glided over the body as our therapist uses them as an extension of their own hands to warm your muscles, allowing for a deeper massage without the extreme pressure associated with a deep tissue massage. The hot stone massage uses the heat combined with the therapist slight pressure and rhythmic motion to allow you to achieve the deepest relaxation ever. Be careful, this massage is extremely addicting!
60 Minute Session: $90
90 Minute Session: $140



“I have never felt so relaxed in my life as I do after getting a Hot Stone Massage at Symphony. After every session I am just at another level of complete relaxation. The heat from those stones just makes my muscles turn into butter and I can literally feel the stress just leave my body from the moment they first touch me. My massage therapist usually uses a hot stone to dig into my sore spots for a deeper massage which seems to just melt my knots away. I can’t recommend this massage enough, it is first class all the way!”
~ Heather Rooney, Schwenksville, PA

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