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Laser Hair Regrowth


Imagine slowing down or even REVERSING your hair loss! Symphony Laser Center now provides low level laser technology – also known as a ‘Cool Laser’ – which is FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness. Men and Women can benefit from a series of short 20-30 minute treatments, which may restore damaged follicles, resulting in regrowth, as well as the appearance of thicker, fuller hair!

Hair loss is a serious issue for millions of men and women in North America. Unlike many cosmetic lasers used at non-medical facilities that promise only the “appearance” of thicker hair; Symphony’s sophisticated Cool Laser Technology is the first FDA-Approved device for the purposes of re-growing hair, which is medically supervised and performed in a clinical setting. The results are simply astounding! Clinical studies have shown that within the first 18 weeks of treatment, the majority of patients have not only stopped their hair loss, but experienced up to 50% increase in their hair count! Your hair may grow faster and thicker than ever before.

Symphony’s Cool Laser utilizes a very specific wavelength of light to stimulate the scalp, increase blood flow, and revive previously dormant follicles resulting in NEW HAIR REGROWTH! It is easy, it is safe, it is completely painless, and it works!

“As a woman suffering from hair loss I was continuously self-conscious about my appearance. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever dealt with. I am so thankful that I discovered Symphony Laser Center and their hair regrowth laser. Within the first few weeks of treatment I noticed my hair looking thicker and fuller, and it was growing faster. Within a few months I started experiencing new hair regrowth! I’m not exaggerating when I say that these treatments at Symphony saved my life!”~ Lynn Chapman, Age 48

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