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The Triniti

Do you suffer from rosacea, fine capillaries, age spots, or sun-damaged skin? Do you also have loose, sagging skin, particularly around the neck and jowls as well as crow’s feet, frown lines, fine lines and wrinkles? If you suffer from all of the above and are looking for a dramatic age-reducing, non-surgical solution; then you will benefit from our Triniti procedure.

What Is the Triniti Procedure?

The Triniti procedure is simply the most advanced form of non-invasive skin care that is available today. The Triniti merges the three cutting-edge laser treatments to attain complete facial rejuvenation: Color Correcting with the Renew SR, Tissue Tightening with the ReFirme, and Focused Remodeling with the Matrix IR. These treatments are conducted consecutively in the course of one visit. The Triniti is a non-invasive solution to the problems of skin discoloration, laxity, and wrinkles with visible, immediate results.

Age-Reducing Procedure

To restore youth it is typical that three Triniti treatments will be required. Each session would last 60 minutes and be scheduled three to four weeks apart. The 60 minutes of the session will cover all areas of aging: 30 minutes for Photo Rejuvenation, 20 minutes for Skin Tightening, and 10 minutes for Wrinkle Reduction. The session will begin with a cleansing of the skin and placement of protective eyewear. The aesthetician will then apply gel to the skin to reduce any chance of burns. During the treatment you may feel a slight discomfort, many compare it to a “hot pinch,” but the process should not be painful. Our clients achieve a more youthful appearance with minimal downtime or discomfort.

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