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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Our Sports Massage is designed to prepare muscles for an intense workout or to assist with post-activity recuperations. Each Sports Massage is customized to focus on the particular muscles and injuries specific to a sport or activity that the patient is engaged in. It incorporates the state of mind of the athlete and it does not limit itself to one technique but mixes several styles and takes from different forms of massage techniques to achieve a particular goal. Stretching is almost always included when this massage is performed.
30 Minute Session: $65
60 Minute Session: $90
90 Minute Session: $135



“I am a marathon runner and I always stop by Symphony the night before a big run and the day after. They help my muscles get ready for the long endurance run and they make them relax the day after. In fact, without these massages I don’t think I could run an entire marathon. They are a must for runners.”
~ Jim Elton, Royersford, PA

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