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Hyper Pigmentation Facial

Hyperpigmentation Facial

Hyper-Pigmentation Facial

The Hyper-Pigmentation Facial evens out blotchy skin tones and leaves the face calmer and smoother. Hyper-pigmentation happens after the skin takes damage, such as an acne scar, and it regrows darker than the surrounding skin. Exfoliating agents and various chemicals are used to stimulate new cell growth that leaves skin free of damage.

60 Minute Session: $110




“I got very bad pigmentation after my second son was born and it just seemed to get worse and worse all the time. But after getting regular Hyper Pigmentation Facials at Symphony for about three months it has worked wonders. I can safely say that within another month my skin will have the even tone of natural color it did 15 years ago. Thank you Symphony for restoring my skin!”
~ Lauren Tobika, Souderton, PA

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