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Patient Testimonials

Laser Nail Fungus Cure

“It’s been more than 10 years since I have exposed my toes in public. I have literally avoided going on beach vacations because of my feet. Not anymore! Thanks to one simple treatment with the laser, I’m wearing flip flops and I’m loving it!”
~ Ruth Weiser, Age 42

“Being a guy I just didn’t think about how my nails looked, but when my girlfriend pointed out to me that my toe nails shouldn’t be yellow, I decided to get them checked out. I was shocked to hear that it was a fungus. The doctor let me know that millions of people suffer with this same thing, so that made me feel better. The same doctor referred me to the laser cure. I couldn’t believe how simple, easy and pain-free the treatment was. I literally was treated in under 30 minutes. Within a few months after one treatment, my toe nails were clear, the yellow color and the fungus were gone!”
~ Jeff Baker, Age 46


Laser Hair Regrowth

“As a woman suffering from hair loss I was continuously self-conscious about my appearance. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever dealt with. I am so thankful that I discovered Symphony Laser Center and their hair regrowth laser. Within the first few weeks of treatment I noticed my hair looking thicker and fuller, and it was growing faster. Within a few months I started experiencing new hair regrowth! I’m not exaggerating when I say that these treatments at Symphony saved my life!”
~ Lynn Chapman, Age 48

“The idea of losing my hair has always scared me! So when I noticed more and more hair in my brush and on my pillow I began to worry. Then I saw the thinning on the top of my head in a photograph. I felt crushed. The Symphony hair regrowth laser not only stopped my hair loss, but it restored the hair that I had begun to lose. Not only that, but my hair was growing in thicker and fuller than before. The best move I ever made was making that first call to Symphony….”
~ John Dunn, Age 27


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

“I had tried laser hair removal elsewhere and only achieved temporary results, so when I first contacted Symphony I was a little bit skeptical but I scheduled a consultation anyway. I am so glad I did! Their treatments work as well as they claim, and I have been hair-free in my bikini area now for almost a year! Thank you Symphony!”
~ Jennifer Lavalle, Age 33

“Being a darker skin type I had always feared the risks of lasers for hair removal. However, my Symphony Clinician explained to me how Symphony’s technology is so different than traditional lasers, and is not only safe for darker skin types like myself, but also equally effective. I am nearing completion of my hair removal program and so far the results are fantastic!”
~ Deepa Singh, Age 28


Skin Rejuvenation & Wrinkle Reduction

“I love the beach but I hate how damaging the sun is to my skin. I had come to rely on makeup to cover my blotchy complexion and spider veins. Thankfully I found Symphony Laser Center! Their skin rejuvenation laser treatments resolved my issues and gave me a youthful glow I hadn’t seen in years!”
~ Denise DeYoung, Age 42


Cellulite Reduction & Body Reshaping

“I workout at the gym faithfully, but was frustrated with the dimpling cellulite I had on the back of my thighs. Symphony’s Velashape treatments did more in 20 minutes than I could have achieved from years in the gym!”
~ Nancy Logan, Age 35

“I had a series of Symphony Velashape treatments done before I went away on a tropical holiday. I lost a total of several inches around my waist, love-handles, and thighs; as well as really tightened and reshaped my buttocks. I hadn’t felt that good about myself in a swimsuit in a long, long time.”
~ Amada Rothstein, Age 40

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