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Laser Nail Fungus Cure

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) has long caused both physical harm and emotional distress to millions of people. Treatment for this problem has always been challenging as topical therapies have had limited efficacy. While the oral medications have had significant and potentially serious side effects, they often require constant blood testing to monitor for potentially serious complications. As a result, treatment options have been limited, long, expensive, and frustrating. With the introduction of the newest SpectraClear technology, there is now a simple solution for this common problem.


Cure Nail Fungus With The Q-Clear Laser

Symphony Medi Spa is extremely pleased to offer a new state of the art technology for the removal of nail fungus called the SpectraClear System. This system offers the first, light emitting, Q-Switched system to receive FDA-Approval specifically for the treatment of nail fungus. As a result, thousands of men and women are now enjoying healthy, clean, restored nails without any unwanted side effects! Safer, quicker, and pain-free, this method is unlike any previously available treatment. The SpectraClear  System uses short intense bursts of pulsed energy, resulting in a dramatic positive impact on the patient results and treatment comfort level.


“I never thought I’d see clear toe nails again as I figured that all hope was lost. Medications didn’t help and cost me a fortune. Yet in one simple SpectraClear treatment my prayers were answered. This really works and I couldn’t be happier!!  Thank you!!”~ Holly Sama, Exton, PA

FDA-Approved Nail Fungi Laser Treatment

The SpectraClear System has conducted perhaps the most comprehensive clinical trials to date for the safety, effectiveness, and patient comfort, for the treatment of nail fungus. This system provides a superior option for the treatment of Onychomycosis. Now you can successfully treat yellow, brittle, or thickened nails that are caused by Onychomycosis, or nail fungus. The treatment consists of the physician moving the laser hand piece over the affected area in quick, short passes. Unlike some other lasers, there is very little sensation to the patient beyond some very mild warmth. A treatment usually lasts only a few minutes and the patient experiences absolutely no down-time after the procedure.

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