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The accumulation of extra fat and lumpy, dimply patches around the body, known as excess fat and cellulite, are caused by a variety of factors; hormones, age, and heredity can even be the culprits. Symphony is proud to offer the VelaShape system by Syneron and Candela. The VelaShape system is a non-surgical, clinically proven, solution to reshape areas of the body that are defiant to weight loss through exercise and diet regimens. This system is a popular way to see results in the areas you want to see them the most.

What is VelaShape?

The VelaShape system is a medical device approved by the FDA, utilized for shaping the body while reducing cellulite, resulting in a loss of inches in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. VelaShape uses a collaboration of massage, infrared light, suction, and radio frequency energy to accomplish fantastic results. The VelaShape handpiece is applied directly to the surface of the skin, where it massages and smoothes out the skin with mechanical rollers. During this, radio frequencies are emitted into the underlying tissue, warming them up to melt and break up the fat cells. These fat cells are are naturally flushed out of the body resulting in lost inches. It is typically recommended for optimal results, for the client to receive weekly treatments over a period of 4-6 weeks, and then touch-up treatments bi-monthly.

The Popularity of VelaShape

The popularity of VelaShape proves the results many are finding through their treatments. Clients frequently report that the sensation of VelaShape treatments is much like a warm, deep-tissue massage. This procedure is virtually painless, quick, effective, helps stimulate circulation, and is practically risk-free.

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