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Photo Facial-IPL


Photo Facial

Photo Facials are the perfect way to remove those unsightly age spots and uneven pigmentation within the skin. Age spots are usually caused by excessive sun exposure, which increases melanin production and encourages the formation of visibly uneven pigmentation on exposed areas of the skin. If you’reor were a sun goddess and don’t protect your skin from UV rays, age spots are probably in your future. Regular IPL Photo Facials are a great solution to maintaining healthy looking skin. After a treatment you will see an immediate and visible result.

60 Minute Session: $299



“The Symphony Photo Facial has done wonders for evening out my uneven skin tones. I tried so many creams and other topicals that simply did not work. The technician customizes my treatments and I got visible results that I am very happy with!”
~ Tammy Falk, King of Prussia, PA

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