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What Is Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing Hair Removal

Introduction to Waxing Hair Removal

What is Waxing Hair Removal?

Waxing Hair Removal is a type of semi-permanent hair removal that lasts four to six weeks. In this process, hair is pulled out by the root, leaving skin smooth for about one month. Hair that has been waxed grows back softer and sporadically. Shaving, in contrast, merely trims the hair at skin level resulting in it growing back thicker and faster.  For the wax to effectively grip the hair for removal, the hair needs to be at least quarter of an inch long. Waxing is done most effectively on clean skin without any oil or residue. Waxing can be used to remove unwanted hair from most areas of the body and face.

Process of Waxing Hair Removal

There are three different types of waxes used during Waxing Treatments, soft wax, hard wax, and waxing cartridges. Our specialists utilize all three types of waxes depending on the area being treated, hair thickness, and span of the area being treated. When the soft wax is used, a thin strip is spread over the area while a piece of waxing paper is layered over both skin and wax. The strip is then pulled off in the opposite direction as the hair, removing both the strip and the hair. When the hard wax is used, a thicker wax solution is applied directly to the skin and cools into a solid. This solid form grips the hairs and can then be removed by the waxing specialist, taking the hair along with it. Hard wax removes fine hairs more effectively than soft wax. For large areas, a waxing cartridge can be used to apply the wax quickly. Waxing services are done quickly and precisely for the least discomfort possible.

Benefits of Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is the superior form of non-permanent hair removal. First, waxing hair removal lasts for weeks longer than shaving. The process removes hair by the root, leaving skin free of stubble and bumps. For waxing sensitive and private areas, a professional waxing service will reduce the chances of a painful and dangerous mishap. Waxing is quick and leaves skin feeling smooth and free of hair.

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