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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal with proven results provides permanently smooth skin!

Permanent Laser Hair Removal can now be achieved with our newest and most advanced technology, which allows us to safely and effectively, remove hair from any skin type -or hair color- in fewer treatments than ever before.

Symphony Laser Center is extremely pleased to offer a new state of the art technology for permanent hair removal called ‘Electro Optical Synergy’, or ‘ELOS’. As a result, thousands of women and men are now enjoying silky, smooth, hair free skin, without re-growth! Safer and more pain-free than other lasers, this method is unlike any previous laser, because it is so much more than just a laser! ELOS technology combines laser energy, intense pulsed light – also known as IPL – and bi-polar radio frequency, to deliver our most impressive results, in fewer treatments than ever before, for all skin types and virtually all hair colors.

“I had tried laser hair removal elsewhere and only achieved temporary results, so when I first contacted Symphony I was a little bit skeptical but I scheduled a consultation anyway. I am so glad I did! Their treatments work as well as they claim, and I have been hair-free in my bikini area now for almost a year! Thank you Symphony!”~ Jennifer Lavalle, Age 33

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