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What Is Massage Therapy

What Is Massage Therapy
What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is a relaxing, healing process, where a licensed massage therapist manipulates the connective tissue and muscles of the body by applying different types of pressure. Massage is deeply relaxing and can help alleviate a wide range of discomforts and pains. Massage Therapy Treatments usually take place in a darkened room, with calming music playing, while the client lies down on a comfortable, cushioned bed as they are worked on. The goal is to allow the body to relax and heal from the stresses of day to day life, while allowing the client to enjoy themselves.

Practical Uses of Massage Therapy

By massaging and manipulating parts of the body, Massage Therapy Treatments achieve muscle and body relaxation. This relaxed state has been shown to aid in sleep and reducing feelings of anxiety. Massage Therapy may relieve minor aches and pains, especially in the back. It can help overly tight and painful muscles relax, helping you to increase mobility and reduce pain. The benefits and practical uses of Massage Therapy are vast due to the benefits of reducing stress in the human body.

History of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been used for thousands of years in countries worldwide. Massage originally comes from the Greek word “masso, which means to work with the hands to knead dough. The application of pressure to tense muscles is a natural instinct for human beings. Massage Therapy first became popular in the United States during the 1800s. During the 1950s through the 1970s, Massage Therapy was increasingly used for Sports Rehabilitation and in hospitals. Today Massage Therapy is widely accepted as a positive treatment to improve and maintain one’s health.

What is Massage Therapy’s Physical Benefits?

Clients can physically benefit from the addition of massage therapy to their healthy living regimen both immediately and long term. The stretching of muscles with Massage can improve flexibly and ease of motion, making everyday tasks easier. Those with painful muscle knots can find relief from the pressure and pain. Symptoms of lower back pain and tension can be relieved with Massage Therapy Treatment. Patients with athletic injuries can also aid their healing with a Sports Massage. The physical benefits of Massage Therapy are varied as the pressure applied to muscles can release tension, improve circulation, and help rid the body of toxins.

What Is Massage Therapy’s Mental Benefits?

The mental benefits of Massage Therapy are numerous. At the most basic level, Massage Therapy relaxes the mind, as the body experiences the pleasure of therapeutic touch. Massage has been used since ancient times to bond socially and to aid in recovery from injuries. Clients can become more familiar with their own bodies through massage. A massage also reduces stress and anxiety in the short term, and over time leads to a more relaxed state of mind.

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