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What is Cool Laser Therapy for Hair Regrowth?

Low level laser therapy, or cool laser therapy, is an application of laser light that is often used to treat injuries, lesions, burns, wounds and other disorders by stimulating healing within tissues. The principle effect of low level laser therapy is the promotion of regenerating properties within cells and tissues that are exposed to this type of energy. Hot lasers are best known for their ability to cut or burn and pretty much represent the opposite properties of low level lasers, or “cold” lasers.

If you think of hair removal lasers, for instance, the purpose of laser energy here is to produce heat and effectively destroy the hair follicle. By comparison, “cool” lasers used for hair regrowth purposes have nearly the exact opposite effect. These low level lasers, often referred to as cold lasers, cool lasers, soft lasers, healing lasers, and Phototherapy , have been used for decades in many countries as therapeutic energy devices to bring about favorable biological effects in cell tissue. Cool lasers repair and regenerate. For hair regrowth purposes, they can be nearly miraculous.

How Hair Regrowth Lasers Work

Low level lasers and cool laser therapy should be thought of as providing reparative properties. Traditionally, they have proven to help to re-polarize sick and damaged cells. For the purposes of hair regrowth, these regenerating properties are targeted upon the active and dormant hair follicles. In the case of active hair follicles, measured and consistent treatment using cool lasers will cause hair to grow faster and stronger, and appear fuller and thicker. In the case of dormant or resting follicles, true hair regrowth can be realized by the cell regeneration affect of the healing cool laser light.

It has been clinically proven and FDA-approved that the cool laser therapy can slow down or stop hair loss and further provide hair regrowth. However, to fully realize the maximum cell regeneration possible, a consistent treatment protocol has been established and should be adhered to. That is, one should be treated for approximately 20 minutes per session over a period of six months. During this time, the patient should undergo two treatments per week resulting in fifty-two total treatments.

How High School Science Applies to Hair Regrowth Laser Technology

The process of “osmosis” is taught in nearly all grade and high school science classes. From those lessons, one learns that the principle states that no nutrient can transfer across the depolarized membrane of an injured cell. In other words, if one cell is damaged, it cannot receive some of the natural healing properties that the body would normally provide it such as nutrients from blood flow. Cool lasers for hair regrowth provide an essential function to a dormant follicle, which acts much as a sick and injured cell would, in that it revitalizes and re-polarizes that cell, thus allowing it to now receive the aid of other nearby cells. Studies have shown cool laser energy can increase the cellular body fuel of damaged cells by as much as two hundred percent!

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