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Top Five Nail Fungus Remedies

Getting rid of a nail fungus infection usually is no easy task. Because the fungus usually is located beneath the nail, it can be very difficult to kill. There are several nail fungus remedies that are widely used. Each has its own benefits and, of course, its own level of success. Five of the top remedies for nail fungus include the Q-Clear laser system and other types of laser therapy, oral medications, topical medications and homeopathic treatment methods.

1. Q-Clear Laser System – The Q-Clear laser system is, by far, the most effective method of treating nail fungus. In fact, it has a 97% success rate after just one-single treatment. the Q-Clear system essentially combines two lasers in one. It can be used in either “Q-switched” or “long pulse” configurations. The Q-switch setting allows for the greatest level of patient comfort. Long pulse lasers deliver the same level of power in one tenth of a second while the Q-switch setting delivers the power in nine billionths of a second. During the procedure, patients feel little to no pain or discomfort. Compared to other types of laser therapy, the Q-Clear laser system provides much greater results because the wavelengths it generates are the most effective in killing fungi. Patients report no post-treatment pain or side effects.


2. Other Types of Laser Therapy – Lasers have been increasingly used for treating fungal infections because they have proven to be effective in approximately 57% to 79% of cases. Different systems work on different wavelengths, so the results may vary from system to system. Treatments tend to only take 35 to 40 minutes, but it may be necessary for the patient to undergo multiple sessions. The laser treatments generally cause minimal pain or discomfort both during and after treatment. Compared to the potential side effects that are often associated with oral antifungal medications, laser treatments are significantly safer.


3. Oral Medications – With an effectiveness of 45% to 55% and a cost that is significantly lower than laser treatments, oral medications are quite often the treatment method of choice for nail fungus. They work by entering the bloodstream and, eventually, killing off the fungus. Unfortunately, they can take a long time to reach the site of the infection, and, sometimes, they don’t work at all. In many cases, they need to be taken over an extended period of time, and they can cause serious side effects. Medications like Lamisil can cause severe liver damage in some patients.


4. Topical Medications – Topical medications are available both over-the-counter and by prescription. Prescription creams are more effective, but, in general, topical medications are only effective 4% to 6% of the time. In most cases, they cannot penetrate the nail to reach the source of the infection.


5. Homeopathic Methods – Homeopathic nail fungus remedies are often relied on by people who are trying to avoid medications. They include things like tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. Because they vary so greatly and are not actually widely studied, their effectiveness is generally unknown. What works great for one person may have little to no effect on another. The internet is full of homeopathic “cures” for nail fungus, but none have actually been proven as effective treatment methods.


Fungal infections are difficult to treat. Sometimes, methods that work perfectly for one person will not work at all for someone else. A lot depends on the patient’s health as well as the severity and exact location of the infection. No matter what treatment method is being utilized, it is important to begin treatment as quickly as possible. By starting treatment early, you increase your chances of curing the infection.

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