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Risks of Home Laser Hair Removal

Does Laser Nail Fungus Removal Work

At-home laser hair removal may seem like the answer to the age-old issue of removing unwanted hair. But, what few people know is that home laser hair removal presents significant risks and can even cause disfiguring injuries. If you are considering laser hair removal, avoid the DIY option and stick to professional treatment options.

Laser hair removal is a relatively new development in the field of hair removal. The practice is relatively simple and is typically gentle and effective for most patients. The procedure involves delivering a steady stream of laser energy in the affected area to destroy the root of the unwanted hair. Most patients require at least three to six treatments to achieve the desired effect, but once the procedure is successful, hair is unlikely to grow back in the treated area.

What are the risks of home laser hair removal?

Just because you don’t experience negative side effects from at-home laser hair removal treatment initially, doesn’t mean you are “out of the woods” yet. Many patients have performed two to three treatments at home only to experience devastating results after an additional, unexpected mishap.

The risks of laser hair removal performed at home range anywhere for minor burns to permanent scarring and skin damage. Many at-home laser users have also experienced intense skin irritation, blistering, and skin discoloration.

What are the benefits of professional laser hair removal?

Considering the risks of at-home hair removal doesn’t mean you need to rule out this option completely. It simply means that you need to seek out a professional to complete the laser hair removal procedure.

With most professional laser hair removal treatments, patients experience little to no sensation during the procedure and limited side effects after the process. Professional treatments are better regulated, more effectively distributed, and altogether more effective.

Beyond better treatment, professional hair removal is also safer. Patients report fewer skin sensitivities, less adverse side effects, and more successful treatments from professional treatments compared to at home options.

While professional laser treatments are slightly pricier than home laser hair removal options, the investment is well worth it. When considering professional laser hair removal, you need to keep in mind the number of treatments you may need, the size of the area to be treated, and your relative skin sensitivity. Once you have examined each of these factors personal, a certified professional at the medical spa or dermatologist can help you choose the most effective treatment option for you.

Laser hair removal isn’t the only option in hair removal treatments, but it is one of the most effective and safest when you seek treatment from a professional provider.

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