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Rachel Ray Features Velashape on TV Show

Rachel Ray features Velashape on her TV show when she talks about a the new technology that helps you shed pounds without dieting and exercise and without surgery. Velashape can help you contour your body and remove cellulite. Check out the segment from the Rachel Ray TV show and let us know what you think.

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  1. Katrin Langdon says:


    Actually i am quite confused while the testimonials i found are completely contradictory… it seems velashape is not painfull but there are many questionmarks regarding its efficiency! What is your opinion?

    Thanks in advance

    • As you will find in most cases, testimonials can be contradictory because not everyone perceives things the same way, especially when it comes to pain. I can say that we have performed countless VelaShape procedures, and no one has ever complained of discomfort. If fact most of our patients have said they enjoyed the warm sensation and said it felt like they were being massaged. In our experience results are usually seen immediately and can last for up to three to six months. This treatment is by no means a permanent way to contour the body, only diet and exercise can do that. However, the treatment can temporarily enhance your appearance and get you headed in the direction. The VelaShape procedure is a wonderful, safe alternative to Liposuction surgery.

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