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New Cure for Nail Fungus

Best Remedy for Nail Fungus
Onychomycosis, more commonly known simply as nail fungus, is a very common problem among adults and finding a cure for nail fungus hasn’t been easy. The condition causes nails to turn yellow and become flaky, brittle or thick. In time, the fungus can cause the nails to split or separate from the nail bed. The effects of nail fungus can be painful or embarrassing. For many years, it has been very difficult to get rid of because it is hard for medications to reach the site of the infection. Lasers, however, are a new cure for nail fungus that has proven to be more effective than topical or systemic medications.

Q-Clear Laser-A New Cure for Nail Fungus

Laser systems, such as the Q-Clear laser, can be used to kill fungal infections at the source. Instead of waiting for topical medications to penetrate the nail or for oral medications to travel through the bloodstream to the infection, a laser is capable of instantly targeting the fungus and destroying it. These systems use intense laser beams to heat the fungus to kill it. Because they are so precise, lasers work without harming the surrounding tissue. This ensures that there is very little to no pain. It also ensures that side effects are virtually non-existent.

The laser procedure takes only a few minutes. The doctor will pass a hand-held device over the affected area in short passes. Patients usually feel nothing, but some experience a mild warming sensation. In the vast majority of cases, one treatment is all that is required to kill the infection. The results may start to become apparent within a couple weeks, but it can take six months to a year for the new healthy nail to fully grow in. Because lasers can be used to kill fungus in just one treatment, it lowers the probability of reinfection.

Best Laser for Nail Fungus Removal

Though there are numerous laser systems on the market, the Q-Clear laser is the best new cure for nail fungus. Unlike other systems, it has gained FDA approval specifically for the treatment of nail fungus. The Q-Clear laser is safer than antifungal medications like Lamisil because it is associated with no serious side effects. While oral antifungal medications cause major side effects like liver damage, the Q-Clear laser can kill fungus instantly without serious risks. Patients require no downtime following the procedure, so they are able to immediately resume their usual daily activities. Because the Q-Clear laser is safe and effective, it is an excellent new cure for nail fungus.

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