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Medical Breakthroughs with Hair Regrowth Lasers

The dream of stopping one’s hair loss and even experiencing hair regrowth is now a reality. What was once considered science fiction in the distant past has now become a legitimate science of today. Hair regrowth is now possible using sophisticated medical laser technology.

The use of lasers for medical and esthetic applications has become so commonplace that many have perhaps come to expect that this technology can achieve nearly anything. Lasers for hair regrowth? Why not! The truth is there are three forms of hair regrowth possible using some form of laser technology: at-home devices such as laser combs, non-medical grade low-level laser therapy such as those found in medi-spas, and finally, the one and only FDA-approved medical laser that is only available at a physician’s office.

How does Laser Hair Regrowth Work?

As mentioned above, lasers are used for everything from whitening teeth to permanently removing hair. However, lasers differ in many ways including the depth of penetration– often referred to as wavelength. For hair regrowth purposes, a laser produces energy at a very specific wavelength in a very different form than many other lasers. For instance, the amount of energy emitted is very low, which gave birth to the name “low-level laser therapy” for the purposes of hair regrowth. Also, while most lasers produce heat, lasers used for hair regrowth are cool to the touch, hence the name “cool laser” which is often used to describe this technology. These low-level, cool lasers have been shown to produce cell revitalization. When it comes to hair regrowth purposes, this means that a dormant follicle – or one that is not actively producing hair – if stimulated for the appropriate time and frequency can return to its active state. The end result: hair regrowth!

Is a Hair Regrowth Laser Painful?

Many people are willing to undergo untold amounts of discomfort if it will mean achieving a desired result. The good news is lasers for hair regrowth can provide the best of both worlds: no pain yet significant gain in the procurement of new hair. Individuals who have experienced laser technology for things like permanent hair removal or advanced anti-aging treatments are perhaps conditioned to expect a heat-bearing sensation with some noticeable redness prevalent in the skin immediately thereafter. There is no such experience with a hair regrowth laser. The low levels of diode laser energy emitted into the scalp for usually 20-minutes at a time produces virtually no sensation to the patient, save for the possibility of a slightly pleasant tingling sensation much like may be experienced with a therapeutic shampoo. For those who think something fantastic like hair regrowth cannot possibly be realistic with some degree of discomfort, think again. These treatments are not only pain-free, but evidence collected over thousands of treatments suggests there is absolutely no adverse or long term effect to the patient.

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