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Jublia, A New Fungal Nail Treatment

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Right now there are over ten topical solutions on the market that have been FDA cleared for treatment for Onychomycosis , also known as fungal nail. Adding to this list of approved treatments is the topical solution Jublia, the prescription name for the drug Efinaconazole. The clear solution is sold in a small bottle, and it is applied to the skin with a small nail polish brush.

How Jublia Treats Fungal Nail

This solution is applied directly to the infected nail and nail bed and is designed to penetrate the nail more effectively than other topical solutions. Many other topical solutions have very low cure rates- from 5-10%. Even with this downside, prescription antifungal creams are often used along with laser or oral treatment in order to clear nail fungus.
Podiatrists recommend that the solution be applied once daily for 48 weeks. Like other topical treatments, there is very little chance of side effects with Jublia, making it a safe option to try. Patients should watch for a possible allergic reaction from the skin surrounding the nail. It is also not recommended to wear nail polish or get pedicures while treating fungal nails.

Fungal Nail Information

Fungal nail infections are famously easy to catch and very tough to get rid of. Up to 35 million people in the US deal with this condition. Onychomycosis works by getting underneath the nail into the nail bed and infecting the tissue there. There are three recognized ways to treat nail fungus- with a topical solution, an oral drug, or with lasers.
Laser solutions are the most effective, but they come with a high price tag of $500+, while oral treatments like Lamisil come with the potential for side effects. Topical solutions are good to try for those who can’t afford laser treatment or are worried about the risks involved with oral treatment. Even when nail fungus is eliminated at one time, there is a big risk of it getting infected again, especially when certain foot hygiene practices are not followed. You can find more information about Jublia online at

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