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How Many Laser Nail Fungus Treatments Will I Need?

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Onychomycosis, usually referred to simply as nail fungus, is a common condition that can be very difficult to get rid of. It causes the nails to discolor, thicken and become brittle or crumble. When left untreated, the nail can split or lift away from the nail bed. Though often seen as a primarily cosmetic concern, fungal infections can become quite painful, and sometimes they can cause severe infections in other parts of the body or even emotional distress. When you need to get rid of onychomycosis, the most effective method of treatment is laser nail fungus removal.

If you have decided to undergo laser treatment for your onychomycosis, you are likely wondering, “How many laser nail fungus treatments will I need?” The good news is that, in many cases, the infection can be destroyed in just one treatment, but there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. The exact number of treatments needed may vary depending upon your age, the severity of the infection and the exact laser system used.

What Are Other Contributing Factors to Determine How Many Laser Nail Fungus Treatments Will I Need?

Patients who are younger and in good overall health are likely to be cured in just one treatment.The elderly and individuals with poor circulation or weakened immune systems sometimes require 2-4 sessions. Additional sessions may also be necessary for patients with very severe infections, especially those whose nails have become extremely thickened as the result of the fungus.

When asking yourself the question, “How many laser nail fungus treatments will I need?”, you also need to consider that the laser system used to treat the infection plays a major role in the number of treatments needed. Patients undergoing treatment with the PinPointe laser, for example, almost always require 3-6 sessions for the fungus to be completely destroyed. The Q-Clear laser, on the other hand, is almost always effective in just one treatment, making it the ideal choice for anyone who is looking to get rid of nail fungus quickly.

In general, it takes 1-4 sessions to destroy nail fungus using a laser. Other methods like systemic medications are often given in 12 week intervals and usually when you stop taking the medication, the fungus returns. Topical creams usually are applied for several months on a daily basis before seeing any results. Clearly, even in cases where up to 4 treatments are needed, laser nail fungus removal is the fastest and most effective method of treatment. When you choose to undergo treatment with the Q-Clear laser, you have the best chance of experiencing freedom from nail fungus in just one treatment.

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