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How Hair Regrowth Lasers Compare

What some once considered sheer fantasy – the concept of hair regrowth – has now given way to the reality that laser technology for these purposes can actually work. If you are a man or woman experiencing hair loss, whether it is an advanced form or at the beginning stages, laser technology for hair regrowth can be the answer you have been seeking.

To determine whether hair regrowth lasers are you, you must consider two very critical questions: 1.) what stage of hair loss are you presently in, and 2.) what form of technology, if any, is best suited to your situation?

Hair Regrowth Options in Laser Technology

The first and simplest form of laser technology for hair regrowth comes in the form of the portable, compact laser comb. These devices can be purchased for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Despite some criticisms from the medical community and a lack of tangible evidence supporting actual hair regrowth, these devices are popular due to their compact and highly non-invasive nature. A laser comb is used much like a regular comb, although it emits light from diode lasers at low levels of energy. Thus there is no pain or much of any physical sensation when the light is passed over the scalp. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this device as a means of phototherapy. This approval should not be misconstrued by users to mean that there is any assurance of hair regrowth. Rather, it simply means that the device has been proven to be found relatively safe with little to no known harmful side effects. The general consensus on laser combs is that these devices are perfect for those looking to slow down their hair loss or for those who have already undergone more comprehensive medical therapy using laser technology for hair regrowth purposes.

The second form of laser technology aimed at hair regrowth is typically found in medi-spas and some salons. These devices operate on the same principle as the laser comb, except on a much larger scale. More diode lasers are used providing more complete and consistent scalp coverage. Human error is minimized since one need only sit underneath the laser housing for a predetermined period of time to experience the benefit of low-level laser therapy. Though not nearly precise in the delivery of laser light energy as their medically-approved counterpart, the MEP-90 laser, there are widespread reports that individuals do experience hair regrowth under a consistent regimen of treatment.

Finally, the third and most encouraging laser technology for hair regrowth purposes is that of the previously mentioned MEP-90 laser. It is the one and only FDA-approved device for not only safety, but for hair regrowth purposes as well. This device underwent massive scrutiny in engineering resulting in unprecedented clinical trials which provided up to 97% success rate at not only stopping the hair loss process, but most importantly in the area of hair regrowth. It is important to recognize that the clinical trials and subsequent FDA-approval was based upon female hair loss and thus female patients. However, it is strongly believed that results for men will be equally if not more effective. Clinical trials are being presently conducted to support this hypothesis. Meanwhile, the MEP-90 is being used with great success for hair regrowth in the United States for both men and women.

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