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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

laser hair removal

Unwanted facial and body hair is a common complaint among women and men alike. While many at-home methods of getting rid of unwanted hair only provide short lived results, laser hair removal makes it possible to get rid of embarrassing hair once and for all.

Lasers can be used to remove hair on any part of the body or face. They offer a degree of precision, speed and effectiveness that simply cannot be rivaled by any other hair removal method. In many cases, it is possible to achieve permanent results within just three to five sessions. You may ask yourself “How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?”

Process of Laser Hair Removal

Prior to the procedure, the doctor or technician will trim the hair to just a few millimeters in length, if necessary. Depending upon the type of laser system used, a gel or cream may be applied to your skin. The device will be adjusted to the correct settings for your skin tone as well as the color, location and thickness of the hair being removed.

The procedure is performed using a small handheld device that is quickly passed over the area being treated. The technician uses this device to deliver rapid pulses of intense laser energy directly to the hair follicle. Each pulse takes only a fraction of a second, so treating small areas like the upper lip takes only minutes. Because the device can only treat an area approximately the size of a dime to a quarter at one time, removing hair on larger areas like the back can take up to an hour.

After Laser Hair Removal

Most patients typically feel very little during the procedure. The most commonly reported feeling is a mild warming sensation. Because lasers are either equipped with built-in cooling systems or used with cooling gels, patients usually do not feel any intense heat. Very minimal changes are recommended while healing. To prevent skin damage, it is best to avoid the sun and report any unusual complications to a doctor right away. The most common side effects include mild redness, burning and scabbing of the affected area.

Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure, and it is one of the most effective methods for long term hair removal. Most patients will start to see results within roughly a month of the first session. At that time, the hair will begin to fall out and, with multiple treatments, mostly stop growing. Most patients do require touch up sessions one to four times per year to maintain the full results.

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