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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

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After daily battles with stubble and razor burn, you might desire to permanently rid yourself of body hair. One of the more permanent methods to achieving smooth skin is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is widely available in dermatologist’s offices and medical spas throughout the country. During the procedure, a concentrated beam of light and heat is focused on the follicles. Each follicle absorbs the light and heat, which damages the follicle and prevents it from growing back. In a series of four to six sessions spaced four weeks apart, follicles over an area of skin are destroyed. The question that most people ask themselves before committing to the process is, “how long does laser hair removal last?”

The technology used for Laser hair removal has been FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. The results of laser hair removal can last years, though certain parts of the body may need bi-yearly touch ups. For example, facial hair in particular tends to need touch ups. Laser hair removal works best for dark hair follicles on light skin, and works less well on fine light hairs or grey hairs.

Does laser hair removal last?

It is impossible to answer the question “how long does laser hair removal last?” for certain. After the four to six recommended sessions, hair will grow back sparser, with a 70-80% reduction being typical. Results will vary based on the thickness of hair and the individual’s growth cycles and follicle pigmentation. Additional touch up treatments can extend the length of laser hair removal’s effects. Laser hair removal is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, but not permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis can be used for truly permanent hair removal, but for some it can be a painful and lengthy process. During electrolysis, each hair follicle is speared by a tiny metal tool and an electrical current is passed through to destroy the follicle. While this method is permanent, some say that it is more painful and takes longer. Laser hair removal can, in comparison, permanently reduce body hair 70-80% on most people with a minimum of discomfort. It is the method of choice for people who would like to reduce their body hair for years.

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