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Dating With Nail Fungus

Dating with nail fungus
Though it is usually thought of as a simple cosmetic concern, nail fungus can be a mcuh bigger problem. In addition to the fact that, when left untreated, it can lead to discomfort, pain or even severe infections in other parts of the body, onychomycosis can lead to mental and emotional distress. This can be especially true in social situations like dating.

Challenges of Dating with Nail Fungus

Dating with nail fungus can be challenging because everyone wants to look their best when beginning a new relationship. Feeling attractive and confident when meeting someone new is difficult for anyone, but for someone who is suffering from a fungal nail infection, it is even harder. Women, who may prefer to wear sexy open-toed heels may be stuck wearing drab closed-toed shoes that are roomy enough to not cause pressure on the infected toenail. Likewise, men may also need to choose their shoes based on what will not cause pain or pressure.

While hiding infected toenails only requires carefully chosen shoes, hiding fungal infections on the fingernails can be nearly impossible. Going out to dinner with someone new when your fingernails are infected can be extremely embarrassing, and the sufferer may worry that his or her date will see the infection and assume it is a hygiene problem. They may not be willing to hold hands or share physical contact for fear of the infection spreading. For the sufferer, this can lead to emotional distress due to embarrassment and a sense of rejection.

Deep Anxiety Associated with Dating with Nail Fungus

Trying to keep a fungal nail infection under wraps when dating can cause problems with anxiety. Instead of being able to relax and get to know someone, the sufferer might spend the date worrying about whether or not the infection will be detected. As a new relationship progresses, the fear and anxiety can become even worse as the sufferer worries about what will happen the first time the infection is seen. The fear of rejection can actually become quite severe. If a fungal infection is spotted by a boyfriend or girlfriend and he or she responds in a negative manner, the person who suffers from onychomycosis may fear getting into another relationship. It can lead to poor self esteem and even depression.

Because dating with nail fungus can lead to such emotional distress, it is important to get rid of infections as quickly as possible. To do this, the most effective method is laser nail fungus removal. With laser therapy, it is often possible to destroy an infection in just one treatment and resume living a full and happy life.

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