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Permanent Ways to Remove Dark Spots On Face

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The appearance of dark spots on the face can be worrying to many women. While it is possible to partially cover these spots with makeup, they are still a source of insecurity and take years to naturally dissapear. It is hard to live with imperfections, even more so when they are located on the most visible part of the body. Luckily, there are a variety of safe, medical ways to remove dark spots on face.

Causes of Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots on the face can appear for a variety of different reasons. Some people get them from age or sun damage. Others have dark spots from bouts of acne or blackheads in the past. This is known as hyper-pigmentation, which happens when the skin releases extra melanin after the damage caused by a pimple. While the blemish itself disappears, the mark lingers on for months or years. Whatever the reason for dark spots, there are several ways to treat them quickly and effectively.

Laser Resurfacing for Dark Spots on Face

During laser resurfacing, laser light gets down to the deepest layers of skin. The light breaks up dark pigment so it can be shed by the body. In addition, laser resurfacing also promotes collagen formation. This leads to skin that is overall more youthful and refreshed in appearance.

Laser resurfacing is popular due to its numerous benefits. However, it can have some drawbacks as well. It is uncomfortable and feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. In addition, the skin will appear mildly pink for a few days and require some aftercare.

Chemical Peels for Dark Spots on Face

Chemical peels work in a different way than laser resurfacing but achieve a similar result. Chemicals peels use a mild acid to dissolve the dead outer layer of the skin. This removes dark spots as well as mild wrinkling and age-related changes in firmness and texture. Because the chemical is very mild, no scarring results. However, the minimal amount of damage is enough to stimulate the skin to make a new outer layer that is more youthful and has even, natural coloring.

As with laser resurfacing, chemical peels require some aftercare. Because the skin has been mildly damaged, it needs to be kept clean and covered with ointment with a few days afterward. However, both methods get rid of dark spots on the face and are completely healed in about a week.

Regardless of the treatment that one chooses to remove dark spots on face, it is important to choose a trained and skilled plastic surgeon or other practitioner to perform the procedure. Dark spots and other imperfections absolutely can be removed by a doctor with the right equipment and knowledge.

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