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The Botox Breast Lift –Dangerous or Innovative?

Some women attempt to turn back the clock on an aging face using the cosmetic injectable Botox, but one London doctor is attempting to do the same with breasts. Dr. Neetu Nirdosh has been turning heads trying to market an “instant breast” lift that lasts for just 6 months, created using Botox solution. Is this risky and dangerous idea, or could it be the next big thing in cosmetic surgery?

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dr. Nirdosh explains that he has experimented with injecting the pectoral muscles with amounts of Botox, causing them to relax. This supposedly causes the shoulder muscles pick up the slack, causing breasts to lift and become perkier. The effects are intended to last for up to six months, giving the patient a no-commitment try at breast alteration. The price tag for this procedure is set at several thousand dollars.

The Many Risks of the Botox Breast Lift

Several U.S. based doctors have weighed in with their concerns over this unapproved use of Botox. Botox is a form of the Botulinum toxin that has been used to relax face lines and wrinkles for decades. It’s also been used to treat a selection of other conditions, mostly located on the head.The risk of the toxin migrating to other parts of the body rises considerably when injected into the tissue of the body.
A possible migration could cause breathing issues and possibly an infection among other serious issues. Along with this concern, an improperly placed syringe could puncture the lung if the right precautions are not taken during the procedure. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas, says that she would not expect any U.S. plastic surgeon to be willing to try such a risky and untested procedure.
In addition, it is not possible to tighten saggy or droopy skin with the “botox breast lift”, nor does this procedure truly enlarge the breast.This procedure is possibly dangerous and has not been cleared by the FDA or any other governing body. Those who are seriously interested in changing the size and shape of their breasts are much better off sticking to traditional, tested procedures.

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