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Best Remedy for Nail Fungus

Best Remedy for Nail Fungus
What is the best remedy for nail fungus? Getting rid of onychomycosis, more commonly known simply as nail fungus, has historically been a very difficult task. The condition affects millions of adults and a very large percentage of the elderly population. These infections have long caused physical and emotional distress. Numerous treatments have been developed throughout the years, but very few have proven to offer a high success rate.

Fungal nail infections reside below the nail plate, making them difficult to treat. Topical creams, gels and ointments are widely available, but they are not effective in penetrating the thick nail tissue. Systemic oral anti-fungal medications like Lamisil are relatively effective in eliminating infections, but they come with numerous risks and often require that the patient be monitored while taking it.

Q-Clear Laser is The Best Remedy for Nail Fungus

In recent years, laser treatment systems have been gaining a lot of attention. One in particular, the Q-Clear laser, is quickly becoming known as the best remedy for nail fungus. While treatments like topical anti-fungal medications are only effective a small percentage of the time, the Q-Clear laser has been proven to effectively treat nail fungus 97% of the time. Something else that sets the Q-Clear laser apart from other treatments is that it has been approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of nail fungus.

How Q-Clear Laser Works

Unlike other laser systems, the Q-Clear system is a q-switched laser that uses very short bursts of intense, pinpointed heat to kill the fungus. Other systems use longer bursts of heat, which can cause damage to the surrounding tissue. With the Q-Clear laser, however, doctors are able to specifically target the fungus and destroy it without harming any of the surrounding tissue. In addition to making the procedure considerably safer, this also ensures that patients experience very little to no discomfort. Because it does not damage any healthy tissue, it is not associated with any side effects, and patients typically do not require any downtime following the procedure.

Most patients are able to begin grow a healthy nail after just one treatment with the Q-Clear laser, but it is important to note that full regrowth can take up to a year. To further prove that the Q-Clear laser is the best remedy for nail fungus, 100% of patients interviewed after undergoing the treatment for the clearance of onychomycosis reported that they were satisfied with the results. With the Q-Clear system, patients can eliminate nail fungus in a manner that is safe and effective.

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