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What is the Best Hair Removal Option?

Best Hair Removal

If you suffer from unwanted hair on your face or body, you’re probably questioning which method to choose for the best hair removal. There are several methods to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the positives and negatives about each is a good way to determine the best hair removal technique to suit your needs.

Shaving is one of the most popular ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. People have been doing it for centuries because it is easy to do at home, it’s affordable and it provides instant results. It is, by far, the fastest way of getting rid of hair on large areas like the legs or back, but it provides the most temporary results. Most people need to shave every couple days to maintain smooth, hair-free skin. It is also very easy to accidentally nick yourself with a razor.

Removing hair using tweezers or wax is another popular method. Pulling the hair out by the root delays regrowth, so the results can last for up to six weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. Using tweezers is a good way to precisely remove one hair at a time, making it idea for cleaning up small areas like the eyebrows or for removing stray hairs that pop up in unusual places from time to time. Whether performed by yourself or by an aesthetician, both of these methods can be quite painful.

The Best Hair Removal Option

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a permanent way of getting rid of hair. During the procedure, a physician passes a small handheld device over the area being treated and uses it to deliver pulses of laser energy into the hair follicle. This damages the root and prevents it from growing back in a a procedure that is mostly painless. Most patients report either feeling nothing or experiencing a mild warming sensation. After four to six sessions, the hair will start to fall out, and it is unlikely to regrow. Most people only require touch-up sessions one to four times each year, making it one of the longest lasting and best hair removal methods available. The up-front cost of the procedure may seem high at first, but consider how much money you spend on regularly utilizing other methods. While you may pay more up front for laser hair removal, you will no longer need to spend money on razors, shaving creams or waxing appointments.

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