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Are Nail Fungus Lasers Safe?

Are Nail Fungus Lasers Safe?Nail fungus is a very common problem among adults. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to treat. Because fungus grows beneath the nail, finding a way to effectively kill the infection is not easy. Topical creams often are not strong enough to penetrate the nail. Oral antifungal medications are widely used because they travel through the bloodstream directly to the site of the infection, but they can cause potentially life-threatening side effects when taken over an extended period of time. Recently, laser treatments such as the Q-Clear laser system have become a method of choice when it comes to treating onychomycosis. but the question arises, are nail fungus lasers safe?

Are Nail Fungus Lasers Safe?

Nail fungus lasers are considered to be very safe. There are not even any side effects reported with the Q-Clear laser. The Q-Clear system is the only Q-switched laser currently on the market that has been approved by the FDA for treating nail fungus. Unlike other types of lasers, the Q-Clear system specifically targets just the fungus and does not affect the surrounding tissue. This means that the treatment is both safe, effective and very comfortable. Patients typically do not experience any pain during or after the treatment.

How Do Nail Fungus Laser Work?

The Q-Clear laser utilizes a Q-Switched laser beam that produces a short burst of energy that targets fungus residing beneath the nail. The heat from the laser energy destroys the fungus without heating the nail beds or surrounding tissue. The Q-Clear Laser’s ability to target only the fungus is a large part of what makes nail fungus lasers safe. During the procedure, the doctors uses the handheld Q-Clear laser to treat the area. To do so, he or she simply moves the device over the affected area in short passes. The patient experience very little aside from a mild warming sensation. Because the surrounding tissue is not damaged, there is no need for any downtime.

How Quickly Can I Expect to See Results?

In most cases, nail fungus can be completely eliminated by the Q-Clear laser with just one treatment session. It will take several months, however, for visual results to be apparent. Once the fungus is destroyed, the damaged nail still needs to grow out and be replaced by a new, healthy nail. You may be able to see a healthier nail starting to grow in from the bottom in just a few weeks, but it will likely take at least six months for the nail to completely regrow and be fungus free.

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