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Are Hair Regrowth Lasers Safe?

Are hair regrowth laser safe? Lasers have become something of a “miracle” technology in modern medicine in that they are used to provide many different types of services. From teeth whitening to permanent hair removal to anti-aging treatments, many different types of lasers are used for numerous applications. One of the most significant medical breakthroughs, as of late, involves lasers for the purposes of hair regrowth.

The common denominator that ties all lasers together is that they all emit a form of light which produces energy. However, as there are many different applications for laser treatments, there are many different types of lasers. Moreover, the assessment of patient risk, which is often one of the most overriding considerations when selecting a procedure, varies greatly from one laser technology to the next. The good news for those considering laser therapy for hair regrowth services is that, among all lasers treatments, it is considered perhaps the safest of all.

Hair Regrowth Lasers Don’t Burn

Because of the existence of so many different types of lasers for so many types of cosmetic procedures, many people have already experienced a laser service in one form or another. For those who haven’t, most at least know others who have. While knowledge often equals power, in some instances it can also prove to be highly misleading should one believe that all lasers belong in one generalized category. The common denominator for people who have tried many laser services is that when undergoing these treatments there is going to be some sensation of heat and discomfort. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when considering lasers for hair regrowth services. Most hair regrowth therapies utilize low level lasers, or “cool” lasers. These lasers do not contain the thermal component that is responsible for the burning sensation people experience after being treated with other forms of laser technology.

Laser Technology Safety: Hair Regrowth Lasers versus Hair Removal Lasers

Let’s consider how two different lasers used to affect the hair couldn’t be any more different. For hair removal purposes, there are many different types of lasers used for this service alone. The goal however, for all lasers used to disable the hair follicle is to produce enough energy in the root of the hair follicle to destroy it. When it comes to laser technology, energy equals heat. Therefore, lasers used for hair removal purposes produce heat. Some lasers provide temporary clearance of hair; others provide long-term removal, while others yet can achieve permanent results. So while there are many different types of lasers that provide varying degrees of hair removal success, each and every one is designed to affect the hair follicle in an intense, dramatic way. With the absorption of heat into the hair comes a degree of discomfort with the treatment. Different body sites and skin tones can further impact not only the physical sensation of the treatment, but also the visual one as well. Though risks with hair removal lasers are minimal when treated by an experienced, knowledgeable and Certified Practitioner, there is always the possibility of burning or even scarring the skin when darker skin types are treated with certain hair removal lasers.

Such is not the case with hair regrowth lasers. In the case of laser technology for hair regrowth, all patients are considered equally safe. Furthermore, the amount of energy transmitted is extremely low – hence the term “Low Level Laser Therapy” which often used to describe hair regrowth lasers. Unlike their hair removal counterparts, hair regrowth lasers are simply designed to stimulate the cells of the hair follicle and promote increased blood flow with easy and controlled levels of diode laser energy. Physical sensation is nearly non-existent and treatments are considered entirely safe for all.

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